Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tomica Regular - NSX No 81

Many of Tomica fans have this car inside their collections. Can you spot the different between these two?
still cant figure it out? Here's some more pictures..

close up on the two twins... It's a simple wheel swap, made by my friend for me. I told him if this car have a simple wheel swap, it would be nicer... Don't you agree? Hell yeah for me!
The original No 81

The evil wheel swapped twin brother... So which one is to your liking?


ricardo said...

nice car, nice blog!!!! congratz!!! please visit my blog and join if you like it.....http://smalltoys4bigguys.blogspot.com/

ADVedder said...

thanks ricardo! saw your blog! nice!

danielh said...

the nsx with the wheels swapped looks much better and nicer, closer to the original 1:1 scales.

shaz @ kurz said...

como wheels gempak..
at 1st ingat tomica limited..lol

Anonymous said...

nice wheel swap, looks like tsuchiya's personal nsx

Joshua Decruz said...

The rims are just dope man..
Hey, i live in KL.. I used to get tomicas from toys r us klcc and sogo.. but, they just dun sell em anymore..
where do u buy ur cars dude? may i know?

Kin said...

Hello AD,

Honda NSX is always my favourite japanese sport car.
I only seen it once or twice on the road parking not even moving.

But real car certainly speechless.