Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tomica Regular - Yellow Hat GT-R

This is a Nissan Yellow Hat GTR, 1 of the team competing in the Super GT series. Tomica released a couple of diecast for this particular team. One is for the regular Tomica series and the other one is for the Tomica Limited series. For the Tomica Limited series, the car used is a Toyota Supra, and released way back several years ago. I still searching for the Tomica Limited Yellow Hat, and for the time being, I just have to satisfied with the regular Tomica No 50, Nissan GTR Yellow Hat.

Judging from its look, the quality is quite good. Loving the yellow colour scheme..

notice the "GTR" emblem at the front grill.

it seems like there is a racer inside.. If you have one, do take a close look, or better, open the rivets..

1 comment:

danielh said...

i've checked my GTR, yes,, there's a driver inside!
thanks for sharing!!