Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot Wheels - Speed Machine GT 500

Hot Wheels is one of the famous diecast maker in the world. One of the latest addition to its family is the Speed Machines series. Consist of fastest cars in the world, it also uses co-molded wheels. This time around, I will introduce one of the cars from this series that is the 2007 Ford Shelby GT 500. Sporting blue stripes across the body, it is a very well known muscle car from Ford. It is a car are needed for die hard fans of Hot Wheels!


Bolba Fed said...

I actually think this one is better executed than the Mustang Mania variant. Can't seem to tell any huge difference between that one and the white version from 2008 First Edition. (BUT I AM GOING TO GET ALL ANYWAY... :-P)

danielh said...

this is one of the best casting besides the mainline series!

the racing stripe and co-mo wheels are matching!

BRIAN VESPA of Diecast Japan! said...

cool mustang!