Monday, October 6, 2008

back in KL again

tomorrow i'll be in KL back... sigh... back to work as usual.. luckily for me, i'm still on holiday. tomorrow i'll be posting some of my tomicas collection that i have. Not much, but still it's my collection. just started collecting from end of August 2008. last time around 2003, i've been collecting Matchbox diecast and a little small portion of HW. Then I stopped collecting any kind of cars. Until recently, when somebody stole my beloved TL Evo IV, I started searching for Tomicas again. Went through the Toys Section in MV and my long lost love for diecast models started again. I saw one cabinet full of white and red boxes and I started collecting diecast again... humm.. but again, its very hard for me to find the replacement for my beloved Evo... huhuu.. all that has left is just the metal plate on my desk... what to do.. now have to wait for the new TL#99.. (hopefully I can get my hands on the car!)

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